So What's the Energy Makeover?

The Energy Makeover is the last fitness program that you will ever need. Ever. A results based program that teaches you how to workout effectively (and not obsessively), the Energy Makeover shows you how to eat the right foods for your body (when you’re actually hungry), and how to balance holistic wellness in your busy life. No detoxing. No calorie counting. No 90-minute spin classes... because, well, who has time for that?

You won’t need a gym membership and we don’t EVER take diet pills, do weigh-ins, or engage in extreme exercise routines. Instead, our amazing transformations are the result of science-based (all-level) workouts, a loving relationship with food (and coffee...and wine), and the guidance of me, your coach.

By signing up to be a part of one of our Energy Makeovers, you are joining an effective, uncomplicated program that you can do anywhere at any time (but with all of the love and accountability of a group fitness class or personal training session). The Energy Makeover is suitable for anyone, at any level, at any time. All you need to to start.